Перевод видеообращения блогера Миразиза Базарова на английский язык

Понедельник, 03 Августа 2020

Dear Kaan Terzioğlu, Sergi Herrero and Scott Dresser!

My name is Miraziz Bazarov and I am a customer of Beeline Uzbekistan, which is owned by VEON Ltd.

Recently I have published an open letter about the possible facts of corruption related to international funding to help Uzbek government to cope with pandemic. Right after I published information about this letter. I received a call from local secret police (State Security Service – SSS, former KGB) and was invited to the office of local secret police as a witness.

On the same day, July 27 July 2020 on 20-30 in the evening I started to receive SMS-messages with the notifications about different paid services being turned on and off from my mobile operator - Beeline Uzbekistan. Soon after I did not have any money on my account balance, and I left without internet connection.

I send the request to check the situation to the technical support of the mobile operator – Beeline Uzbekistan (Unitel LLC, which is part of VEON Ltd). Later the technical support told me that someone might logged in to my account (related to my telephone number) from a computer a long time ago via an SMS code, which they immediately deleted and waited until July 27, 2020 to start turning on and off paid services to that I could be left without the mobile internet connection.

I consulted with several specialists who work in Telekom industry (both in Uzbekistan and in other countries) and they told me that they way the technical support explained the situation is not realistic and the only realistic reason is that the SSS officer “pressured” the management of Beeline Uzbekistan to do this operation. Because of this I send an official complaint to the Tashkent city prosecutor about the fact I have been illegally blocked from internet connection and mobile connection without the decision by a court and now it is being reviewed by the government of Uzbekistan.

Given the fact that Beeline Uzbekistan is owned by VEON Ltd, I have three questions to Mr.Terzioğlu, Mr. Herrero and Mr. Dresser:

1. Do you approve such violation of law by the management of Beeline Uzbekistan?
2. Do you agree that the brand owned by VEON would be associated with such a violation of law and consumers' rights?
3. Will VEON launch an internal investigation about this incident?

August 1, 2020, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Miraziz Bazarov